Sorry For Slacking

Hey! I turn around and, once again, this community died. :( Ah, well, that's okay; I don't mind too much. I didn't expect this community to be the highest of all communities, or anything like that. So, anywho, how is everybody doing? I'm living in Stockton at the moment, just to let you all know. It's not as bad as I thought, but I may or may not revoke that statement when I start school on the 21st... jeez, summer went by too fast. Anywho, as soon as I can get all the electrical stuff working down (up?) here, I'll have some great pictures and movies for all you guys to see. Oh, just a question, does anyone know where I can find a really good DVD Ripper? The one I downloaded is just plain crap! It would be greatly appreciated. So, well, one more thing!!!!


Just thought I'd let you all know that I love you. :P yeah right!!!!!!!
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Just To Let You All Know

I've moved my journal over to because it's ten times better than livejournal. My user name there will be mangagirlie. You don't need a code to join it, so join if you're interested. You can have ten icons there without having a paid account. Ah, but never fear! Even though my livejournal will be at uJournal, I will still be the host of Friends Forever here and will still be updating on a regualar basis. Also, if anyone is still interested in making the No Doubt icon for this community, the chance to still stands; but only for a week. After that, I'll be making it. I'm just TRYING to get ppl involved with this community!
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Make An Icon

Changed the background to No Doubt; very simple looking. Also, the setting is Disjointed. See, I love the scroll bar and I hate it, too. :P The default picture has been changed to Momo from Peach Girl. I don't have a No Doubt icon for this community and I don't feel like making one at the moment, so this is fine. Though, if anyone is willing, you can make a No Doubt icon for the community. If more than one person makes one, I'll just choose the best! :P (secret plan to get the community going!) That's all for now; I'll check you all out later!

-Must be of No Doubt, or a band member. (Gwen, Tony, Tom, Adrian and, yes, even Eric if ya really want to)
-No nudity unless mosiaced out (don't know what that means? i don't feel like explaining, cuz u should know)
-Must say "Friends Forever" somewhere on it. If it doesn't, I won't accept it
-Actually, there isn't anything else!
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a clockwork orange


Last night i was thinking. You know what Fresno needs? More intellectuals. Or intellectual people to admit that they are. Me and my friend sometimes go to borders or barnes and noble and drink coffee and read. I dont think thats nerdy either. I wish people would stop trying to impress each other and read or something. Do something productive.

to you, kandi

hey kandi, for a shitload of really good pics of milla,, angi, and other peeps, go to on the left, click the link "celebrities" you more than likely already know about this place, but just in case! there were so many pics of milla, i couldn't even get through them all, they're mostly of her modeling
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Natalie Portman

Amber said that the background wasn't working... guess she was right... so!!!!! I went around looked for a different, non-anime, background and stumbled across this Natalie Portman. OMG! I loved it and had to use it. The background should look good on both screen resolutins (as in, mine and Ambers :P). I like the way that black line is trying to "invade" the posts. Yeah, Kandi is lame. Anywho! Enjoy it, and let's hope that this one doesn't disappear.
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